The Wind

So much to do in Vung Tau

A rich history and authentic activities are found among the rolling hills and sandy beaches of this beautiful corner of Vietnam. Just 2 hours from Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau is located on the tip of a peninsula extending 15km outwards from the mainland and is surrounded by ocean on 3 sides. Being the closest beach resort to the big city, it’s a popular destination for locals seeking some fresh air and beach fun – and yet it’s small enough to still feel local and offer genuine local experiences with some of the best Vung Tau attractions.

At The Wind, our staff will help you discover all of the attractions below to help make your trip memorable.

Front Beach
View the sunset around 6pm.
The smaller of 2 main beaches in Vung Tau, featuring calmer water. You’ll also find a childrens playground and marble statue park. Nearby are many coffee shops, book stores, restaurants and pubs along with evening activites for kids such as rollerblades and blowing soapy bubbles.
Back Beach
View the sunrise around 6am
The longer of 2 main beaches in Vung Tau. You’re welcome to walk it’s entire 3km length, this beach is great for swimming, playing or relaxing. The shallow water exends out further than at Front Beach.
Amusement Park
Open Evenings
A wide variety of rides for children age 5+ Including ferris wheel, height-drop, bungee cord bounce, and more.
Upside Down House
Weekdays are less crowded and offer better photo-ops
An entire house furnished on the ceiling, allowing you to create endless entertaining photos. One of the quirkiest and funniest attractions for people of all ages.
Paradise Golf Course (27-Holes)
A testing, links-style design played along pristine beaches with spectacular ocean views from many of the holes. Palms and trees offer shade, while the sea breeze keeps things fresh.
Worldwide Arms (Military) Museum
Extensive collection of authentic war memorabilia from Asian and European history. If you are a military or war historical buff, you will be thoroughly impressed with the collection of uniforms and arms.
Theme Park & Cable Car
BEST TIME TO TRAVEL : Spend a whole day at the Ho-May-Park
1 ticket includes cable car up the mountain, and access to all activities on top: water park, zip line, zoo, go carts, paddle boats, roller coaster and more. Plan to spend minimum ½ day. Impressive views and adult rides make this fun for couples too (not just children).
Chon Khong Monastery
Tip: Conservative dress is recommended.
A peaceful and beautiful monastery open to all. Visitors describe it as being full of energy, traditions, and friendly monks. Monks are willing to help those with questions about the monastery, meditation and Buddhism. Visitors are welcome to sit and listen to the sound of wind chimes and birds.
Lighthouse Lookout Point
A functioning lighthouse from 1910
A wonderful lookout point directly above The Wind, offering 360-degree views of Vung Tau. This century-old functioning lighthouse was built by the French in 1910 and still guides ships today. (Visitors cannot enter or climb the government-run lighthouse).
French Cannons
Built by the French in 1890
The French colonial empire installed forts and battle stations to protect their resort town of Vung Tau (then named Cap Saint Jacques) and the river entrance leading to Saigon. Here you will see remnants of the fort and multiple cannons facing the ocean.
Hillside Hike, Ocean Views
Tip: late afternoon offers shade and sunset.
For anyone wanting an outdoor walk in beautiful scenery, this mountain road is highly recommended. This 2km walk (one-way) is paved and gently sloping, while mostly shaded under bamboo and local forest trees. Meet the monkeys along the way, and rest at the coffee shop at the top. Spectacular ocean views are visible most of the way.
Night Market
Specializing in cheap souveneirs
A local souvenir tourist market open during the evenings.
Clothing & Shoe Market
Where the locals shop
Avoid tourist prices and get the cheapest clothes, shoes and other trinkets from the largest local market in Vung Tau.
Water Park
Fun for children
Featuring multiple waterslides and a lazy river, it’s designed with children in mind, giving parents a break to enjoy a coffee or relax while the kids have fun.
Local Vegetable Markets – Photo Opportunity
Authentic Vietnamese experience
Catch this glimpse of true local life, before the pace of development and supermarkets turn it into a memory.
Feed the monkeys
Visit the local monkeys who live in a quiet monastery in the hills. Peanuts and snacks are available for purchase if you wish to feed them. Tip: Monkeys are wild animals and can be unpredictable at times. Avoid eye contact. Watch your children and loose belongings like glasses as the Monkeys like to steal shiny objects.
Rural Farm Life
Offered on Tour
Discover first-hand what local life is like on a functioning rice and fruit farm. These locals welcome your visit and are proud to show off their culture and way of life. Wade in a rice-field, catch fish, tour fruit trees and enjoy the relaxing ambiance of this peaceful lifestyle.
Mountain Stream
Offered on Tour, May - November
A great way to get in touch with nature. This natural stream cascades through 7 small lakes and waterfalls, allowing you a variety of places to swim or relax in bamboo huts along the way. Get there with a short hike through the bamboo forest then enjoy a camping style BBQ along the waters edge.
Mangrove Wetlands
Offered on Tour
Behind the streets and shops lie a forgotten wilderness – miles of untouched wetland and mangrove trees. Explore this natural environment up close from a canoe.
Industrial Boat Tour
Offered on Tour
On this inland power-boat ride you’ll see the largest ships in Asia, local fishing harbors, and towering drilling rigs. Explore a different side of Vung Tau and see the local Asian industry that drives much of the western world.