The Wind

Door to door, we’ve got you covered.

Our commitment to your holiday starts while you’re still at home.
We understand time-off is precious, and you just want to relax without the stress of choosing the right place, or planning the endless details.
It’s why we’ve created this guide to help take the load off your shoulders.

Personal Driver Service
Easy and stress free, Direct to The Wind
Our courteous driver will pick you up from the Tan Son Nhat airport (or anywhere in Ho Chi Minh city) with your name on a sign, and bring you directly to The Wind in safety and comfort. Allow yourself to relax the moment we meet, with the following amenities in our vehicle:
  • Cool refreshing cloth
  • Free minibar drinks and snacks
  • Free wifi
  • Car-seat available for children (please reserve in advance).
Vehicle type
7-Seat van with room for luggage. Note: 4-5 passengers are the best fit for comfort.
  • Email and Phone: Contact our property directly
  • Online: you can sign up when booking a room on our website. (The option will be displayed after selecting your room type).
How to book
  • Email and Phone: Contact our property directly, here <link to our contact page>
  • Online: you can sign up when booking a room on our website. (The option will be displayed after selecting your room type).
$85 (1,980,000 VND) / one-way (flat rate per vehicle)
Travel Time
  • 2.0 – 2.5 hours door-to-door.
  • Available 24 hours.
Lowest Price Option for locals or the Adventurous Type. May include transfers.
Several companies offer van service between the Tan Son Nhat Airport, HCM District 1, and Vung Tau. Departure times are approximately every 15 minutes and usually no advance bookings are needed. Pickup locations in HCM are fixed, but after reaching Vung Tau they will bring you directly to The Wind if you give them the address.
  • Suitable brand-names are: Toan Thang, Futa, Kumho Samco, AviGo. Avoid Hoa Mai.
  • HCM District 1 – departure station:
    • Toan Thang (link to this address in google maps: 11 Nguyễn Thái Bình, Phường Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh)
  • Tan Son Nhat Airport – departure station:
    • Some companiues have a booth inside the arrivals hall after collecting your luggage. However they only represent their brand. If their timeline is not convenient, you can exit the airport doors and walk 5 minutes to the pickup/dropoff zone at the Airport Domestic Terminal.  (The domestic terminal can be found by walking to the right after leaving the International terminal building).  Here you will find many different vans departing to Vung Tau.
  • Cash only. Payment may be requested at the start, middle, or end of your trip. This is normal. Be cautious to pay a genuine employee, as sometimes fraudulent people may try asking for payment. Watch to see who everyone else is paying.
  • You may be asked to buy another seat if luggage is more than carry-on size.
  • Some drivers are safe and courteous, others are not. Unfortunately it’s difficult to know, even for locals.  Note: Hoa Mai company should be avoided because of their especially unsafe history.
  • Request a VIP van, which offer larger seats for a small incremental cost.
  • You may be asked to leave the vehicle and transfer to another vehicle along the way. This is normal.
How to book
  • No pre-booking necessary except for national holidays.
  • Note: Beware if you are travelling to the HCM departure station by taxi – your taxi driver may attempt re-routing you to a different van company, as they receive kick-backs from some van companies for delivering passengers. If this happens, insist on going to the company you’ve chosen.
  • Regular van: Approx $3-4 (80,000 VND) / person
  • VIP van: Approx $5-6 (120,000 VND) / person
  • Plus taxi cost to the departure station, if required.
Travel Time
  • Taxi to departure station (if required).
  • Drive to Vung Tau: Approx 2.0 – 2.5 hours. It depends on how aggressively they drive, and how many stops they make. If the van departs with empty seats, they will try to find more customers along the roadside.
  • 6am to 10pm, but precise times can vary.
The most scenic route. Requires 2 transfers.
Greenlines company offers a very scenic ferry boat ride from HCM District 1 to Vung Tau. In recent years the service has improved and become safer, with new boats and better service. Departures are usually 4 times/day, and tickets should be pre-booked. The ferry departs from the Sai Gon river in HCM and travels through natural wetlands until reaching the ocean and Vung Tau.
  • In HCM, you’ll need a taxi to the ferry station, here. < 10B Ton Duc Thang St., Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh>
  • In Vung Tau, you’ll be dropped off at the ferry station. You can either get a taxi to The Wind or contact us ahead of time to request a pickup, and we’ll be waiting for you with our free shuttle bus.
How to book
  • $10-11 (240,000 VND) / person
  • Plus taxi to the ferry terminal.
Travel Time
  • Taxi to the HCM ferry terminal.
  • Waiting for the next ferry (once every 2 – 3 hours)
  • Ferry ride and check-in: 2.0 hours.
  • Transport to The Wind after reaching Vung Tau: 15 minutes
  • Daylight hours only.
General Advice
Public taxis are always a good option for any stage of your trip. Drivers are generally friendly and helpful, but here are the insider tips to travel like a local
  • Stick to these brand names: Futa, VinaSun, MaiLinh.
  • Beware fake taxis – they can be difficult to spot, which is why even locals stick to the brand-names. They often congregate at tourist spots in HCM, and will charge a rate much higher than normal.
  • Bring cash. Some taxis accept credit cards, but not all.  Try to keep a selection of small bills handy since drivers often “don’t have change”.
  • Be sure the meter is turned on when the vehicle begins moving, else the driver may try negotiating a (very high) flat rate at the end of the trip.
  • Never agree to a flat-rate – insist on using the meter. Negotiated flat-rates are a sign of corruption and cheating.  The only exception would be negotiating a flat-rate between cities.
  • Tips for the Tan Son Nhat International airport: After collecting your luggage (on the way out of the building) many private companies will aggressively ask if you want a taxi. They are generally high-priced private vehicles. Their service will be fine but you’ll pay 4x or more the normal rate.  True taxis at local rates can be easily found after you exit the building – just turn left and you’ll see the taxi que.  Pro tip: for shorter lines and brand name taxis, go up to the Departures Level and find the taxi stand immediately next to Domino’s Pizza.

Note: All taxis will require you pay a $0.40 (10,000 VND) toll-fee exiting the airport.

Note: for longer trips, check for seatbelts, they’re often removed or disabled.

Grab / Uber
  • There’s no Uber in Vietam, but Grab works the same. Install the app and book a ride.
  • Negotiate the price clearly in advance, and make it clear you will not pay extra. We’ve received reports of local Grab drivers cancelling the trip after departure, and requiring a higher fee than was agreed upon.
  • Up to negotiation, but expect around $65 (1.5 million VND) from HCM to Vung Tau.
Travel Time
  • 0 – 2.5 hours door to door.
  • Available 24 hours.
Our driver is your driver.
The Wind is the only Hotel / Resort in Vung Tau offering a free shuttle bus – which is available during daylight hours and travels anywhere within a 5km radius of The Wind. You’ll eliminate the cost and hassle of dealing with taxis, plus enjoy the convenience and assurance of travelling with a local.
Free mobile phone
If you don’t have a local phone, we’ll provide one free of charge during your stay. Use the phone to call our driver for a pickup and feel safe knowing we’re always available to assist with directions, translations, or anything else.
Rent a scooter
Get around like a local. We offer a selection of manual and automatic scooters to rent for a flat daily rate, which include your helmet and gas.
If you want a place to simply relax, we’ve got it – natural gardens, a gorgeous pool, sauna, and even a Spa. But when it’s time to find an authentic local experience, we’re here to help. Our experienced staff will listen to your needs and guide you with personalized recommendations of things to do, and places to go. To get a few ideas, check out our activity guide, here. We also offer:
  • Instructions and tips for self-guided sightseeing.
  • Guided tours with one of our staff.
We also offer a range of other services to help during your stay.
  • Assistance booking your onward travel – Van, Ferry, Taxi, or Driver.
  • Visa extension services
  • Currency exchange
Your experience matters – lets make it a good one.
We believe in acting with integrity, and that’s why we’re willing to stand behind what we offer with our Guarantee.

We’re a small family run business (with a passion for creating great experiences), and we’re operating in a developing country. The truth is as hard as we try (and we really, really try) things can still happen – at The Wind or elsewhere. Sometimes it’s us who make a mistake. Or maybe it’s out of our control, such as the power going out. Events are rare, but they can still happen – and whether it was in, or out, of our control - it disrupts your experience.

This is where our Guarantee fits in: If you’re dissatisfied and let us know while you’re here, then we’ll do our best to make it right - until you’re satisfied with the outcome. All you need to do is speak to us about it.

To back this up, we’ve posted the owners personal contact information in every room, just in case you should ever have a problem that’s not being solved. Because we want you to know: Your experience here matters – so let’s make it a good one.