The Wind

Get 10% off your next stay

Enjoy our best rates, amazing perks and instant rewards as part of our loyalty program.
The more nights you stay with us, the better your rewards will be. It’s just our way of saying thanks to our most important guests.

Instant Rewards
Joining is free, instant, and easy. You’ll immediately start to receive Gold level benefits with each stay including special member-only rates, complimentary sunset cocktails, and a welcome gift each time you arrive.
VIP Perks from the Moment you Join
The Wind Loyalty Program has 3 levels – Gold, Platinum, and Black.

Levels & Benefits

Benefits Gold Platinum Black
Reached upon Enrollment Earned after 6 nights Earned after 18 nights
Member Rates (up to 10% discount)
The Most Flexible Rates Online
Insider Deals & Offers
Lucky Draw for a Free Night
Welcome Gift Upon Arrival
Early Check-in
VIP wifi
Room Upgrade (as available at the time of check-in) Double Upgrade
Free Minibar 2x soft drink 2x soft drink 2x snack3
Level-up Bonus - Room Night 50% off 1-night 1-night Free
Level-up Bonus - Gift Choice of Gift
Late Checkout 2pm
Fresh Flowers in room
Afternoon Tea and Cookies

  1. How can I join?
    1. Enroll online to get your PROMO CODE. Use this code when you book, which unlocks our member-only rates, and activates all of the benefits.
  2. Does it cost anything to join The Wind Loyalty program?
    1. No! Signup is free, easy, and instant.
  3. How do I know if I qualify for the next membership level?
    1. Membership tiers are earned by counting the number of nights you’ve stayed in any of our properties during the previous year.
    2. Gold level: 0-5 nights
    3. Platinum level: 6-17 nights
    4. Black level: 18+ nights
    5. Simply contact us to inquire about your current membership status, and we’ll be happy to inform you about the account status and number of nights required to reach the next level.
  4. How many days after departure does it take for my most recent travel activity to be applied to my account?
    1. Records of your recent travel activity will be applied to your account within 7 days after departure.
  5. When will my membership be upgraded?
    1. Qualifying nights are credited to your account upon check-out, and you qualify for the next membership tier, it will be applied during your next stay.
  6. Will I receive a membership card?
    1. At this time our memberships are fully digital, based on your email address.
  7. Do I receive a membership number?
    1. Your membership is based on your email address. Simply register using the same email address and the rest is taken care of!
  8. Qualifying and Non-qualifying Stays
    1. Participation in The Wind Loyalty program requires booking directly with The Wind (either by phone, email, or online at our website). Bookings made through 3rd party companies and travel agents are unable to participate in the loyalty program or count their nights towards a membership tier.
    2. 1 membership can be used to collect qualifying nights on up to 2 rooms at the same time, as long as the owner of the account is staying in one of the rooms. Please note in this case, membership benefits will only be applied to the room in which the account owner is staying.
    3. Certain promotions and packages are non-qualifying for credit towards The Wind Loyalty program. When this is the case, it shall be clearly marked in the terms and conditions of the rate viewed online.