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Best Rate Guarantee
We save the best prices for our website - period.

If you find a cheaper price elsewhere, it means they’ve created an unauthorized discount and your booking may be at risk of not being honored. Booking directly on this site will always guarantee your booking is safe, and provides you the best rates with the most benefits plus instant rewards.

How our Best Rate Guarantee works: If you find a better price elsewhere, we’ll beat it by 5% and give you all of the exclusive benefits which are only available through booking direct.

To get started we’ll just need to double-check the following information (to compare our price with what you’re seeing):
  • Booking dates, room-type, and rate-type (refundability, breakfast, etc).
  • Number of people and add-ons you’ve requested.
  • Final price after taxes and fees.
  • Clear indication of the currency being used. (We’ll do the comparison using exchange rates).
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