The Wind Boutique Resort

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Browse our collection of luxury guestrooms where you can enjoy the harmony of nature and modern living while taking in the breathtaking views of the city below. Along the way, learn what makes The Wind ‘Boutique’ – where each space is unique and thoughtfully designed with your comfort in mind. We as one of the best Vietnam resorts, believe in providing a 1-off experience, which is why most of our guestrooms are 1-of-a-kind.

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room size 34 m2
Queen Bed
Comfy Sofa
Enjoy great views of Vung Tau and appreciate what it means to truly escape and commune with nature and modern living.
Suite Rm 3/5
Room size 58 m2
Full Kitchen
King Bed
Privacy and spaciousness are yours with a separate bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Featuring our most stunning views of Vung Tau below.
Jacuzzi Suite
room size
Comfy Sofa
Enjoy a spacious suite with separate living room and bedroom, featuring a romantic and relaxing jacuzzi tub.
Movie Suite
Room size 70 m2
Home Theater Room
Full Kitchen
A full suite boasting a private home-theater with 3 meter (10-foot) screen.
Garden Suite
Room size 69 m2
A full suite including your own outdoor hot tub and a secluded garden overlooking the city below.
Spa Suite
Sleeps 4 or more
Treat yourself to one of the most romantic suites you’ve ever experienced in our spa-themed suite.
Royal Suite
sleeps 4 or more
Welcome to our Royal class of luxury suites, combining the best features of all our rooms.
Royal 2-Bedroom Suite
Room size 150 m2
2 King Beds
An extravagant suite like no other, encompassing the entire floor of the building.