The Wind Boutique Resort

Thưởng Thức Nhà H

Among the best restaurants in Vung Tau, The Wind Resort offers many ways to dine and enjoy your favourite drinks with friends, family and loved ones. Whether you’re enjoying a lively cocktail or a private romantic dinner, we have all the options you’re looking for.

Garden Café
Our rainforest style garden café is a lovely spot to relax with a drink and chat with friends or simply read your favorite book. A full drink and dining menu is available, with a wide selection of Asian and Western cuisine.
Pool Bar
Allow us to serve you a variety of cool refreshments and snacks while you take a dip in the pool or relax in our gardens.
The Green
Choose from a seat in the garden or a perch overlooking the edge of the hill, and allow us to provide a full lunch and dinner menu while you watch the city lights below.
No-Fee Room Service
Dine in the privacy of your own room, or simply enjoy a drink while you’re watching a movie. Our full dining and drink menu is also available anytime until 9pm delivered to your room, without additional fees.